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Frequently asked questions

Can we request more details for a specific tour?

Please send you request via email here

Please include sufficient details , so we can give you more accurate feedback:

  • Name
  • Institution
  • Role at institution
  • Email Address (ie your institution email)
  • Tour of Interest
  • Projected date of proposed tour


How do I book a tour?

Typically, this is the final stage after a process of engagement and leads to:

  • a clear understanding of your tour goals and
  • a tour proposal you have considered and
  • approved

A tour page with your itinerary, payment timelines, tour terms and conditions will be made available to you and your travellers.

When is a tour officially confirmed?

There are three key parts:

  • you have secured sufficient* numbers to go ahead with the tour (as quoted*)
  • travellers have all completed online registration for the tour and
  • have all affected payment of the tour deposit

Is travel insurance included?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory on all our tours.

What documents are required to travel?

As a general rule:

  • a valid passport with an expiry date which is a minimum of 3-6 months validity at the end of the tour (destination specific)
  • 3 blank pages
  • an unabridged birth certificate (for travellers under 16 years or age)
  • proof of legal residence (if applicable)
  • a valid visa (destination specific)
  • medical requirements (destination specific)
  • other: school letter with all travellers names
  • travel insurance

We will advise you based on your destination.

Do I need to apply for a visa?

The answer will depend on the following:

  • the passport you intend to travel with and
  • the requirements of the final destination and/or transiting country.

You can access an excellent visa resource: Click here

If I require a visa, do you assist?

Yes, our visa support services are an optional extra.

We support you as follows:

  • communicating the visa requirements of the destination country
  • any visa fees if applicable and 
  • our visa service fee

Please note: we are not responsible for any visa application outcomes and cannot be held liable for an adverse outcome.

Can I change aspects of the logistics eg my return date?

Yes, you can request to make amendments provided the school has given approval. Some amendments may incur change fees, with the airlines, if not communicated early enough.

Tip: its best to request changes at the start of this process

I have specific dietary requirements?

Please indicate this when completing the tour registration form.

Can I travel with medication?

In such cases, we recommend the following:

  • state the medication on your tour registration form and its purpose
  • travel with a doctor’s note referencing the medication
  • inform the school staff

In some cases, you may be required to submit a doctor’s note confirming your fitness to travel.

We will provide you with input on whether you are legally allowed to enter the destination country, with said medication. The responsibility to comply with local laws remains with the traveller.

How does the payment process work?

All tours require payment of a non-refundable deposit to confirm your place on the tour.

The sales agreement will specify:

  • the minimum monthly payments required
  • the deadline date for full payment


What is a tour tip that's recommended but not always taken?

The most common events to mitigate against are:

  • lost bank cards (always have a spare card on tour)
  • lost cash (keep cash locked away in a safe place and avoid carrying large amounts)

In the pre-tour departure briefing, we give additional tips on how to enjoy the tour and stay safe.

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