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The Process

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We always start with identifying the needs of the client?

The next step in the process is to work with with our partners (who provide services) to create an outcome that creates a win-win scenario.

The sum total of our services facilitates, value for you.

Value encompasses :

  • fair to discounted pricing for all services
  • time saved, hence less hours lost during the work(a prevalent hidden cost,often overlooked)
  • support to ensure that any challenges,changes are dealt with promptly without(or minimising) a financial loss to the client

The Inefficiency?

The general status quo  in schools is as follows:

  • School tours are organised by the respective head of each department, be it cultural or sports based.
  • Time lost by that staff to organise logistics,instead of executing their core function of their job
  • Too often, there is limited advance planning for a trip confirmed in the school calendar,with the exclusion of international tours.
  • Last minute bookings exposing scholars (and by extension parents) to volatile and potentially premium pricing.
  • No added benefits for the school under the current system.

The question that follows is two-part in format:

  • Is there a better way to manage your needs?
  • Are you willing to take significant steps, to be more efficient in this regard?